Rachel Conger


Find Rachel Conger Benefit Concert

Country artist, Mary Elizabeth Murphy, is the proud organizer and featured entertainer of the "Find Rachel Conger" benefit concert, to be held September 6th at 5pm at the Casey Jones Amphitheatre in Jackson, TN.

Rachel Conger is a 30 year old mom and has been missing since March 2008. She has a 13 year old daughter, Amber, who is devastated that her Mom is missing. Mary Elizabeth stated in a MySpace bulletin that, "I am 16 and only three years older than Amber. I can not even begin to understand what Amber is going through." Mary Elizabeth went on to say that "I love my music, and am working hard to get my career going, but I have always wanted my music to make a difference, and have a positive effect on people's lives. What better way, than to raise money for those in need? Not only me, but some of my friends are joining me in this event." At the benefit concert, CDs, T-Shirts, Autographed photos, and more will be for sale. There will also be a concession stand available.

Please grab your lawn chair and/or blanket and join us for this event! We are asking for a $10 ticket fee (or more if you feel led).

We would like to say that words cannot express how grateful we are to Mary Elizabeth for organizing this event!

The following MySpace bulletin was written by Mary Elizabeth Murphy, featured musician & benefit organizer for the FIND RACHEL CONGER benefit concert.

I want to let you know about the benefit, FIND RACHEL CONGER ,I am doing this weekend. It will be this Saturday, Sept.6, at the

Casey Jones Village Amphitheatre
56 Casey Jones Lane
Jackson, TN 38305
beginning at 5pm EST

This benefit is not to bring attention to me or any of the other entertainers, but to raise money for the BRING RACHEL HOME SEARCH FUND. Rachel has been missing since March. She has a 13 year old daughter, Amber, who is devastated by her mom being out there, and not knowing what has happened to her. I am 16, and I can not imagine the pain she is going through. She and her mom are close like me and mom are, so I want so badly to help her, and this benefit is the only way I know that I can, except for praying, which I do also.

You can get all the updated information at

I want to invite you to come to the benefit on Saturday. Not only will we have having singers, we will have booths set up to sell CDs, autographed photos, T-Shirts, and other things, Also, there will be a concessions booth. Ticket prices- $10 requested, more if you feel led. Or, if you would like to help out at the event, that would be WONDERFUL!!!! ALL monies will be donated to the fund.

If you will be not able to attend, but would like to contribute to this benefit, we would appreciate donations, of drinks, snacks, CDs, T-Shirts, Autographed photos, and/or money. PLEASE help me, help Amber find HER MOMMA.

Here is a list of entertainers:
Mary Elizabeth Murphy
Devin Cates
Maggie Martinez
Natalie Grace Wilson
Greg Boals
Amy Blankenship
Joey Blankenship
Amanda Mitchell
Livy Hassenflug
Taylor Goodson
and others.

The Casey Jones Village Amphitheatre is a large outdoor venue, with a super stage.

Like most outdoor venues, there are no seats or benches, so please be sure to bring your lawn chairs and/or blankets!

Thank you so much for your time to read this message. Please keep us and the event in your thoughts and prayers, that we will be able to raise enough money to help Amber find her mom.

Mary Elizabeth