Rachel Conger


On the Anniversary of Rachel's Disappearance

It has been twelve long months since Amber Simmons has looked upon her mother's face, and yet this 14-year-old child soldiers on and holds her head up high, despite those who want nothing more to tarnish her mother's name or insinuate that her mother left her willingly. Rachel Conger was thirty when she disappeared on March 13, 2008 from her Como, TN home that she shared with her daughter, Amber. Amber's stepfather had spent the night of March 12 at Rachel and Amber's home. When Amber woke up on the first day of her spring break vacation, neither Rachel or Paul was in the house. The backdoor was standing open, which is something that Rachel would never do. There was no note left, no voicemail on Amber's cell phone from Rachel saying when she would be back. Fast forward to Sunday, March 16. Paul's body was found in the woods off of Briarpatch Lake Rd., he had taken his own life but left no clues as to where Rachel could be found.

Over the last year, Amber has organized fundraisers and recruited some of the nation's best search and rescue organizations to come to Henry County and look for her mother. Amber has spent each of the last 365 days in her own mind wishing that she could just have her mother back. To the people who have graciously donated to help bring Rachel home, we thank you. To the people who have kept Amber and her family in their prayers, we thank you. It is people like you who make it possible for Rachel's family to keep searching for her. To the people who only have the time to gossip and insinuate negative things about Rachel, please consider that at the heart of this tragic situation is a 14-year-old girl who desperately misses her mother.

Amber and Louise are holding a candlelight vigil this evening at 5 p.m. at Birds Creek Baptist Church, on Whitlock Rd. to mark the one-year anniversary of Rachel's disappearance. The vigil is open to the public. They could really use everyone's thoughts and prayers on this day.


Press for Rachel Conger

Lately, several media outlets have ran stories about Amber and Rachel. We are grateful for the media coverage because it helps to keep Rachel's name out there, so that the public does not forget that this amazing mother is still missing. All articles can be found by clicking the following links:

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CUE Center Search

On Saturday and Sunday, CUE Center for Missing Persons performed an extensive search for Rachel under rather harsh conditions. All day on Saturday, rain and sleet fell, making the searchers job that much more difficult. On Sunday morning, searchers had to deal with the snow that fell the previous night. Although we were lucky that unlike most areas only a small amount of snow fell in the Henry County area, searchers still had to contend with slippery mud and freezing temperatures. Even in all of this, the CUE volunteers and HCSO deputies never gave up. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the search, whether it be volunteers that turned out for the search or the people who donated money and/or food to keep the searchers well fed during their time here.

We received a tremendous response to our call for help with donations, and we are very grateful to everyone that gave what they could! The search for Rachel was unsuccessful this time, but CUE is interested in searching again, and we would appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers to find Rachel!