Rachel Conger


Organization requested to help in search for Rachel

The non-profit organization, Texas EquuSearch, has been requested to assist in searching for Rachel. It is my understanding that their help was requested last week, however, we have not heard if they will be able to come and help in the search for Rachel.

Texas EquuSearch is a non-profit organization that comes in and assists law enforcement when it comes to finding missing persons. They do not charge for their services, however, they do rely on donations to operate. Even if they are not able to assist in the search for Rachel, I would like to ask everyone to consider donating to Texas EquuSearch in honor of Rachel Conger of Paris, TN: missing since 03/13/08. It was not much, but I donated what I could last night, and I hope that others will as well. This organization does a great service for missing people and their families.

Please Click Here to Donate to Texas EquuSearch

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