Rachel Conger


Prayer for a Missing Person

Prayer for the Family of a Missing Person

Dear Lord, hear me in my plea.

I ask You, if it be Your Will, for the quick and safe return of Rachel to her loved ones. If it not be Your Will at this time, Lord, then I ask for the graces necessary for her loved ones to be able to carry this cross. Even though it may seem like the darkest of times, let them know that the light of Your Love shines ever so brightly upon them and that You have wrapped them in the mantle of Your most generous and Sacred Heart.

Please, Lord, as a new day dawns without Rachel, let them know that as they take each difficult step forward, You are right there by their side. When they falter, let them know that it is You who pick up their cross and enable them to carry on. May they never doubt Your immense love of them, and may they find the peace and joy that comes from loving You. Amen.

Written by Kelly Jolkowski

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Alex said...

Missing persons?? I'd like to suggest a little- 1) Call local police station 2) Check local hospitals & clinics 3) Check missing persons online database
4) Hire private investigator to find out missing one.

All the best..

Alex from missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au