Rachel Conger


Rachel's 31st Birthday

On the website created for Rachel Conger, there is a counter that lists the time since Rachel's disappearance, but for Rachel's daughter, Amber Simmons, it feels like an eternity has gone by. Amber said that she wants people to remember that her mother was a good person, and that she wants her found more than anything. Saturday, October 11, is Rachel Conger's 31st birthday. We would like everyone to take the time and say a prayer for Rachel to be found, and for Amber to get the peace that she needs so much.

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Maggie's Rose said...

Oh sweet Amber,

There is no reason why you don't have your sweet Mama there with you today...she's not where she should be and that is by your side.

Both of you, your Mom and yourself, have been stolen memories that should have yet to come...

I'm so sorry for your pain, I wish I had some magical words to take it away...but, when you love someone, as much as we all can clearly see that you love your Mom, there is no known "band-aid" to cover that kind of loss.

But, you continue to be loved by so many and your Mom continues to shine forth to all of us from you...thank you for teaching us so much already. Never forget what a special place you hold in so many lives and how fervently we are praying for you!

xox xo

Maggie's Rose
Peace4 the Missing