Rachel Conger


Contacting Amber, Part II

Please be aware that all of those who love and care for Amber will do anything to shield her from people who are out to scam her, or cause additional pain, all in the name of money. Although we would like it if everyone wanting to help would do as asked and not contact her, but rather an adult, there are still some people that feel it is best to go to her without going through the proper channels. So here is what is going to happen. We would like that you contact an adult. She has an abundance of them in her life. All of their email addresses have been provided before. Contact them. However, if you contact her, we will get a name, phone number, email address and you will be thoroughly checked out and vetted before you are able to speak with her.

Please be warned that Amber has an extensive network of people who love her and care about her and want to see her protected from people who seek to scam her and cause her pain.

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