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Finding Rachel...

On a suggestion, we recently decided to contact someone that might be able to help us a little bit more in the search for Rachel. She is a psychic medium and remote viewer. This in no way diminishes the tremendous efforts of all that have helped us before, and continue to help, in the search for Rachel. But, for Amber's sake, we need to pursue every avenue that we can to find Rachel as soon as possible. We did give the information to the Sheriff's Department, and hopefully, we find Rachel soon through whatever means necessary.

We appreciate that the Henry County Sheriff's Department is understanding of the fact that Amber, and Rachel's entire family, need answers and will pursue those answers in any way possible. The Henry County Sheriff's Department has been supportive of every idea that we have came up with, and we would just like to say thank you. Every single person involved in this investigation is working toward one common goal: to bring Rachel home. We are still grateful to everyone that has been involved thus far, and our thoughts and prayers are with every single one of you that are involved in the effort to find Rachel. I truly believe that the Lord will lead us to her, we just have to keep the faith that it will happen.

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Please note that we do not advocate contacting a psychic to help find your loved one. Actually, doing so made Amber feel worse and the so-called psychic that we were in contact with should feel very ashamed of herself for her actions.