Rachel Conger


May 2008

Amber has created a Myspace page to help bring awareness to her missing mother, Rachel Conger. Here is the link: Myspace page to Bring Rachel Conger Home

On May 15th, we spoke with a retired investigator, who has been brought in by the Henry County Sheriff's Department to work solely on Rachel's case. He is basically going over everything in the case. He did not have any news for us, but that was to be expected.

The last blog referenced a psychic that we have contacted. People seem to have mixed reactions to this- however, we are doing whatever we can to help Amber find her mother. Whether it be calling in a psychic, contacting a professional search organization or staying in contact with the Sheriff's Department- we will do whatever it takes to help Amber get the answers that she needs and deserves.

If anyone ever needs to contact us, please do so at lksimmons@gmail.com or bringrachelcongerhome@hotmail.com. Everyone, please keep praying for Amber and Rachel.

*Edited on July 7th, 2008- We wanted to let everyone know our updated thoughts on contacting a psychic. It was not a good idea and since then, we have concentrated our attention on contacting Search and Rescue Organizations that actually have a chance at finding Rachel. We still pray that God will lead us to Rachel, and continue to ask for your prayers for Amber and Rachel.

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