Rachel Conger


Feeling Mad...

Sometimes I don't think that everyone realizes what a wonderful person Rachel was. Sometimes I feel like if they did, if they really, truly understood that then surely they would do more to help find her. That Amber and Louise could be given the knowledge that she was found. That people would quit spreading rumors that she is alive and chose to run off. Then I realize that all of those people who spent hours coordinating searches and searching for Rachel did care...or they would not have been out there. Searching. Sometimes in extreme heat, sometimes in the cold. But they were there. I'll be honest here. I got mad when she wasn't found.

Before anyone gets upset with me, please read on. I got mad because my niece's mother, an incredibly sweet woman who would do anything for someone in need, was taken from her. She was taken from her daughter by a man who was so selfish in his obsessive "love" that if he could not have her then no one could. I got mad because I felt that if she wasn't found, then he outsmarted everyone and in the end "won" at his sick and twisted game.

There hasn't been much going on in the searching front. I guess that we have needed to step back, regroup and see what we can do to continue searching for Rachel. Honestly, I'm at a loss for what we can do to reignite interest in the case. I ask for any and all opinions! It seems like the traditional media does not want to hear the case of a missing woman when there is no suspect to find, because the suspect killed himself. I might be wrong. But, I would like someone to tell me what I should be doing.

I want to get interest in Rachel's case again because it is the right thing to do. I enjoyed my friendship with Rachel. She was an awesome mom and friendly, light hearted person who deserved better after leading a tumultuous life. I want Amber to know that people still care and would still do anything to help her find her mom. I do not want to see Rachel forgotten. Please help us search for the answers- or tell us what we should do.


Anonymous said...

This is Amber and I one-hundred percent agree with you. My school therapist is going to help me speak out against domestic violence. I am so happy about that.

Carol said...

Amber you take after your mother in your desire to help others. Through Rachel's story and your own, I believe you have the potential to change the lives of others with your personal knowledge of domestic violence.

Lori you have once again done an excellent job of putting into words how myself and others feel.

Delilah said...

You all are never very far from my thoughts. For some reason, Rachel "sticks" on me, if that makes sense. Times go by, but every time I see Amber or Carol or Lori around on the internet, Rachel's image comes to the forefront of my mind.

It seems like we have watched Amber grow from a little girl to a young woman, so fast, and right before our eyes. She, and the entire family, have an army out here who care and support everything and anything to bring Rachel home.

Much love to you all.........