Rachel Conger


Interview with Amber on WPSD & WBBJ

We would like to thank both WBBJ & WPSD for their moving and emotional interviews yesterday with Amber. Everyone that has interviewed Amber in the last month has been so caring and compassionate with her, and for that we are very grateful!

If you would like to read and see the interview with WPSD: Click Here

If you would like to read the interview with WBBJ: Click Here

If you would like to see the interview with WBBJ: Click Here

I would like to add that WPSD & WBBJ have covered this story from the beginning, and they have shown so much interest and compassion (I hate to keep using that word, but it really does apply here) for what Amber is going through and we are very thankful to them for giving her a chance to tell her story!


Delilah said...

As I read through this blog and the Myspace page for Rachel, I am totally moved by the strength and maturity of her 13 year old daughter, Amber.

I would like to feature, or copy, one of your blog posts on my own blog http://mothersarevanishing.blogspot.com and pass the word everywhere I can about Rachel's case.

I understand she will be sponsoring a stop on the Cue Center Road to Remember Tour and I hope that you will meet some of my friends there!

God be with you everyday in your journey....


Lori said...

Delilah, it is okay to feaature some of the blog posts. We could use all of the exposure that we can! Thank you so much for wanting to help Amber. This is a rough time in her life and she can use all of the prayers that she can get!


Delilah said...


Thank you. My next entry will feature Rachel and try to tell Amber's story. She has reached out and grabbed my heart.......

I am also involved in Peace4 the Missing which is an interactive network of families and friends of the missing and those who want to honor and support them. There are several people there who are in the same situation as Amber. They may be able to exchange ideas with her and family members. Please feel free to come and check us out and if you feel comfortable, join us!


Delilah said...


I hope you approve and I will be linking the story to all the social networks. I hope we can get as much support as possible for Amber.

Lori said...


I read it earlier on your blog. We're just so grateful that you're helping us to bring attention to Rachel being missing!

God Bless!


mammabear said...

I am sooo far behind Delilah as far as posting in the right places, but she is a great mentor, and I'm learning. My prayers for your family. and, no offense, but an extra prayer for Amber...what an amazing young lady!