Rachel Conger


United Response Search and Rescue

Many people have asked us over the last few days if we are disappointed that URSAR did not find Rachel. Of course we are disappointed. We desperately want Rachel to be found. But, are we disappointed in United Response Search and Rescue? Absolutely not. They put 110% effort in to locating Rachel. Every team member was caring toward Amber, and they really care about her situation. They traveled here to try and locate Rachel. They did their absolute best and that is all that we wanted. I wanted to state that under no circumstances are we disapppointed in URSAR.

They are very focused and very driven at what they do. They have a goal in mind, which is to find a missing person. But are they cold and callous, with disregard to the family as they go about attaining their goal? No. The URSAR team members that I met (and I am sure that this is true for every member that they have) were very warm and friendly. They care about Amber and what she is going through. The United Response Team equipped us with the knowledge that we need to keep searching for Rachel.

We wanted to let the team members of United Response Search and Rescue know how much we truly appreciate them taking time out of their lives to come up here and search for Rachel. You cannot ask for a better group of people than the URSAR Team. I don't feel bad about saying that they are the best group of people that I pray that I never have to recommend to anyone!

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